Not Living in Seattle

Every time I travel somewhere  there’s always a few nerves mixed in with the excitement of visiting a new place.  ...


Not Living in Seattle

Every time I travel somewhere  there’s always a few nerves mixed in with the excitement of visiting a new place.  Not because travel is scary or because I’m afraid that I’m going to get lost, although that does seem to happen too. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. Usually, after spending just a few days [...]

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Exploring East London’s Food Scene

“You need to move East!” my co-worker kept telling me, but I wasn’t sure.  After all, I hardly knew the area and even though a few of my friends lived in Shoreditch, Bethnal Green and Hackney, I just wasn’t sure it was……me. I figured there was only one way to find out; spend a few [...]

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Street art in Camden

This Is What Happens When You Move To London

You’ll arrive possibly by accident, possibly because you didn’t have a backup plan.  But you’ll arrive, all the same, and you’ll be lost and acutely aware that you look like Bambi trying to stand on the ice; flailing around, your legs ready to buckle from underneath you at any second. And you’ll feel like you [...]

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VIDEO: Working Holiday Visa Australia, Your Questions Answered

 Working Holiday Visa Australia Q&A So you want to go to Australia on a working holiday visa but don’t know where to start. In this video I go through the basics of Australian working holiday visas and answer some of the questions I’ve received through Facebook and via email over the past three years including; [...]

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pack your passport giveaway

Giveaway + Carry On Packing Tips From A Serial Over-Packer

If you’d told me a few years ago that I’d be packing for weekend trips using just 6kg I wouldn’t have believed you.  I was a serial over-packer, an “I’ll take it just in case” person. Then I went travelling.  Of course, I didn’t move to Australia with just cabin luggage; I packed a 23kg [...]

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Embracing Spring in Hampstead, London

It might not officially be spring in England yet but, in London, I’ve already started embracing the dryer, sunnier days.  I’ve bought myself Daffodils and made the orange and cranberry juice drink I always associate with days getting longer.  This weekend I opened the sash windows in my flat and let the sounds of the [...]

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Missing A Faraway Place

I don’t realise I’m going to fall until it’s too late.  I lose my balance and one leg crumbles from underneath me and suddenly I’m flat on my back staring up at a poorly painted ceiling in north London. I shouldn’t have hung the map next to my bed, but I was determined to have [...]

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Things I Learned At Traverse14 in Newcastle

I recently spent a weekend away from London and travelled up to Newcastle in the north of England to go to Traverse, a conference aimed at travel bloggers where, amongst attending workshops and presentations, I also got to meet up with other bloggers from around the world and do a bit of exploring in Newcastle [...]

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My Notebook And I Are Overwhelmed, Or Something Like That

I’ve carried a red notebook around with me for over two years.  It’s almost full-up now.  Full of hastily written travel details, reminders and ideas.  If I shake it, I have no doubt that a boarding pass would fall out, or a business card or two.  If I turn to the back there’s a map [...]

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London: The Stories Behind The Instagrams

It’s so easy to share something on Instagram.  A quickly snapped photo, a filter chosen, a brief description – just enough to give your followers an idea of where you are or what you’re doing, and maybe a hashtag. Often, though, there’s much more of a story behind those photos so I decided to have [...]

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Fremont Vintage Mall Seattle

Vintage Shopping in Seattle

What did I know about Seattle before I travelled there to visit some of my new co-workers based in the city?  Honestly, not much.  I mean, I knew that two of my favourite shows were set there; Grey’s Anatomy and Fraser, and I knew that it was where the first Starbucks was opened but really, [...]

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