Friday Photo Essay | The Past Two Months….As Seen By Instagram

It’s official; I’m a little bit in love with instagram.  Not just because it makes my somewhat questionable photography skills look amazing but also because I get to look at a load of other amazing pictures every single day!

For the past 2 months we’ve been living in Sydney, working in an office to save money for our East Coast road trip coming up in May and making the most of being here before we head off up the coast and then to New Zealand.

So I thought I’d share with you guys the past 2 months in Sydney… seen by my new favourite iPhone app – instagram;

A different view of Sydney Opera House

 Everyone’s so used to seeing Sydney Opera House in all it’s glory so I thought I’d get up close and personal and capture the underneath of the big front arch.  Look at that wood panelling – beautiful!

Lonely Planet books

How’s this for travel inspiration?  Moving into a flatshare and seeing the bookshelves stacked with our new flatmate’s Lonely Planet books, I knew that we’d picked the right place to live!

Kings Cross Train Station

I took this as I stood on my own on the platform of Kings Cross train station on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago.  I love the perspective and the bright colours on the walls.

morning coffee

A couple of years ago I wouldn’t drink coffee but now I can’t even get through the morning without my caffeine fix.  I get mine from the cafe in the office block where I work, the owner even knows my name and order – I love that!


After a bit of a…..err…..splurge at the Kathmandu sale (look there were bargains to be had ok?! I couldn’t resist even if I tried!) we went for a coffee on Bathurst Street and watched the world go by for a bit – perfect.

 Blogging on my bed!

 Travel blogging on my bed! If you’re a fan of my facebook page you’ve probably already heard my moaning about how disgusting our old apartment in Rushcutters Bay was – crawling with cockroaches and ridden with damp.  Not somewhere you can really relax.

In our new place in Surry Hills, where we’ve been for about 3 weeks now, I can surround myself with my favourite music, get comfortable on the bed and get loads of writing done without worrying if a bug is going to crawl over my face.

Working abroad

 Mark and I have been working at an events company which sounds pretty cool right?  Well, it is when we’re working at the actual events but most of the time, well, most of the time I’m strapped to my desk wearing a headset while customers ask me how much a complimentary ticket is.

Yes seriously, this did happen.

 East Coast map

Luckily the money we earn means more travel!  I took this picture one night while we were planning our East Coast road trip.  I love the bright colours….dammit I just love maps in general!

mini chocolates

 Oh and for Easter my boss got everyone mini chocolates – cute!

Lunch on the balcony

Saturday lunch on the balcony – another thing I love about our new place! Green tea and tuna salad anyone?

Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures – if you’re on instagram my username’s packyourpassport, hope to see you there soon!



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      Heather you’ll get some amazing shots in London!! I was also a little late to the instagram party but now I’m there I honestly think I’m a little bit in love with it :-)

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