A Sweet Tooth In Sydney

The Pie Tin, Newtown

There’s no shortage of bakeries in Sydney; from the quaint tea-rooms in The Rocks, the brightly-iced cupcake stores cropping up in every shopping mall to the packed cafes in the city and the suburbs spilling pastries and muffins galore.

And then……

Then there is The Pie Tin.

A few Saturdays ago (um, and maybe another time since then….) on a recommendation from a friend at work, myself and two friends decided to hit up Pie Tin in Newtown, a short ten minute train ride from Sydney CBD.

All I can say is: Oh. My. God.

Actually, I should probably say a bit more than that otherwise this is going to be a pretty boring post.

As a cafe, The Pie Tin has….well…pretty much everything you could want.  Let’s start with the pies.  Oh the pies.  Pie and chips, pie and mash, pie and mushy peas, pie and sweet potato chips, pie and baked beans, pie and coleslaw, pie and salad, pie with any two of these for $10.  I mean, seriously, the choice is huge.  And they’re just the sides.

Pies keeping warm at The Pin Tin, Newtown

Pies keeping warm at The Pin Tin, Newtown

There’s beef pies, chicken pies, mincemeat pies, korma pies, vegetarian pies, steak with bacon and cheese pie, pork with apple sauce pie, not to mention the sausage rolls.

I had a vegetarian lentil pie which, instead of a normal pastry top, had a mashed potato lid with an unexpected mound of chips on the side!

Pie Tin; vegetarian lentil pie with chips

The Pie Tin; Vegetarian lentil pie with chips

Ok, enough about the savoury treats.  Let’s get to the real reason I’m so in awe of this place:

The cakes!!

The cakes in Pie Tin differ depending on when you go but this is what we shared between the 3 of us of the 2 occasions we went;

The Pie Tin; lime and strawberry pie

This is lime mouse pie with fresh strawberries layered on top and a little pot of fresh cream on the side.  Sweet and sour all at the same time.

Pie Tin: rhubarb and coconut pie

Biscuit base a layer of rhubarb, a layer of cold custard, a layer of whipped cream and a topping of coconut shavings = rhubarb and coconut pie.

And more fresh cream on the side!!!

The Pie Tin Cafe, Newtown

Did I mention that the actual cafe is really cool?  A massive island takes up most of the space in the middle of the room with all the other seating placed underneath the windows.

There’s not a huge amount of space to sit, and the place does get really busy on a weekend but the food (and the coffee and the beers, ciders and little bottles of champagne they have on offer too) is definitely worth waiting for.

The order number they provide you with when you’ve ordered is also really fun: an upside-down pie tin!

order numbers at The Pie Tin

 Ok, back to the cakes!

The Pie Tin; apple and blueberry pie

This is apple and blueberry pie – we ate it cold but on a chilly winter day imagine this served warm.  Wow.  Bring your own custard and you’re set!

The Pie Tin; Easter chocolate fudge pie

On our first visit it was Easter and this chocolate fudge pie with marshmallows and chocolate eggs was so, so rich but so creamy and beautiful.

The Pie Tin; snickers pie

But the award for richest, sweetest, sickliest pie goes to this one: Pie Tin’s snickers pie

So, which one do you fancy?!

If you’re interested in stuffing your face with pie all afternoon and washing it down with cider and coffee (and quite frankly who isn’t?) you can find The Pie Tin at 1 Brown Street, Newtown, Sydney


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      Awww I’m glad I’ve inspired you to check out somewhere when you head to Oz – let me know what cakes they’re doing when you go there, they change all the time, feel free to make me jealous!

    • says

      Lindsey I think because it’s in Newtown not a lot of people know about it – I love that it’s not in the city though :-)

    • says

      Go with a few friends then you can each try a bit of each others’ – makes the decision a little bit easier! 😉

  1. says

    OHMYGOD I’m craving savoury pies so much right now.

    That apple and blueberry pie sounds heavenly, especially if served as you suggest Bev – warm and with custard. The rhubarb and coconut pie sounds amazing too, and the Easter decoration is so cute!

    I want to faceplant into all of these, pronto.
    Waegook Tom recently posted..GamjatangMy Profile

    • says

      I think this place definitely serves as an amazing excuse for you to go to Sydney one day Tom!! I will faceplant with you…….but only if I can have all the marshmallows…mwuah hahaha!

  2. says

    REALLY wish I’d known about this place when I was there….even in 24 hours I would’ve squeezed a visit to this place in!!

    • says

      Dammit! I should’ve started stuffing my face with cakes there earlier Julia so that you’d have known about it! 😉 Maybe next time you’re in Sydney, if there is a next time :-)