Review: Staying at Yotel Gatwick

I pretty much love anything kitsch or out of the ordinary, and if I can combine that with any of my travel plans then #winning.

Yes, I did just hashtag at you.

Yotel Gatwick

I wouldn’t say staying at the Yotel at Gatwick Airport was a particularly kitsch experience (apart from the purple lighting – this is totally going on my fixed-life fantasies board on Pinterest) but it was definitely out of the ordinary.


Well firstly the rooms are called cabins; much more compact than a normal hotel room but bigger than a traditional Japanese pod hotel, which are usually nothing more a bed with a TV at one end and a door at the other.

This was definitely bigger than that.

Yotel GatwickYotel GatwickYotel Gatwick

Yotel Gatwick

The standard cabin, which I stayed in, was split into three areas; the sleeping area which consisted of a raised bed and a flat screen TV with Freeview, the bathroom area where a glass partition separated the toilet, sink and shower from the rest of the room and what I’m going to call “the bit in the middle” where there was a pull-up desk with a chair and lots of plug sockets.

The thing I liked about the Yotel was that they’d obviously thought about the details and proved that, if the space is used well, small cabin-like hotel rooms can definitely work.

Everything was very functional; the fold-up chair hung on the back of the door, the flip-down step allowing you to climb up to the bed, the shelf above the bed where you could store your phone close by while you slept.

I love functional design like that, somewhere where everything just works.

Granted the room was small – the kind of place you can sit on the toilet and wash your hands at the same time – but all I needed was somewhere to get some sleep before flying to Dublin the next day.

Speaking of sleep, the bed was more comfortable than I expected it to be and I think the fact that it was raised above the floor definitely went some way to making the room feel bigger.

The added extras in the Yotel don’t help you sleep at all though.  Free wifi, free tea and coffee 24/7, Freeview TV, I took full advantage of all of them and actually had to force myself to go to bed!

So how would I rate my stay at Yotel Gatwick?

The good

It’s convenient for early flights when staying overnight would be much less hassle than getting the train or driving to the airport in the morning.

Free wifi throughout the hotel, not just in the lobby like a lot of hotels I’ve stayed in.

Small but perfectly formed – you’ll marvel at how no nook or cranny has been wasted and how wonderfully comfortable it is even though it’s just a “cabin”.

Rainfall shower!!!!!  Need I say more?

The bad

It can be a little noisy, with people leaving at various times during the night or morning but that depends on what kind of sleeper you are.

Like I said, if you’re claustrophobic, maybe not for you.  Although at no point did I feel trapped in.

USB plugs would have been awesome, especially as these kinds of places get lots of international travellers.

Would I stay at a Yotel again?  Yes!

In fact, I already have.  I stayed in Yotel Heathrow the night before flying to Seattle last week and it was just as good.

You can also find Yotel at Amsterdam Schiphol and in New York City – if that’s not an excuse for me to do some more travelling (all in the name of research….obviously..) I don’t know what is!


Disclosure: Yotel Gatwick kindly hosted me at a reduced rate.  However, all opinions are my own and a positive review was not requested.

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  1. says

    Something tells me that a stay at the Yotel wouldn’t be cheap, though. An airport in London….eek.

    That said, I do actually like smaller rooms, but only if they’re modern (glaring at you right now, Travelodge). I’d love to stay at a capsule hotel in Japan. They look like fun! And luckily I tend to be a pretty heavy sleeper.
    Tom @ Waegook Tom recently posted..Fantasy Five Reboot: TurkeyMy Profile

    • says

      Hi love! Thanks for your comment :) Yeah a Yotel isn’t somewhere to stay if you’re on a really really tight budget (4 hours at the Gatwick Yotel will cost you around 62.00. BUT, it depends what kind of traveller you are. I’m happy to pay a bit more of something like the Yotel (which I did, at the Heathrow one a couple of weeks ago) if it means I don’t have the hassle of trying to get to the airport in the morning morning the tubes are running.

      I also like the fact that the Yotel’s actually IN the airport – I’ve found in the past that so many hotels claim to be at the airport but you arrive to find it’s actually a bus journey away.

      I would LOVE to stay in a capsule hotel in Japan!! I think it’d be such a novelty! I totally need to make that happen :)

    • says

      3am is a stupid time! The Yotel would’ve been perfect for that because you’re actually in the airport and you can rent one for 4 hours – enough time to get a bit of sleep before a flight :)

    • says

      You’re welcome Silvia! I’d honestly recommend staying here rather than on the floor of the airport – you’ll actually get a proper nights sleep and start your holiday/travel nice and refreshed.