Vintage Shopping in Seattle

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What did I know about Seattle before I travelled there to visit some of my new co-workers based in the city?  Honestly, not much.  I mean, I knew that two of my favourite shows were set there; Grey’s Anatomy and Fraser, and I knew that it was where the first Starbucks was opened but really, that was about it.

Enter my American colleagues; super helpful even before we stepped off the plane.  I’d received an email the week beforehand with a list of vintage shops I just had to check out, followed by some of the amazing places we were going to get food while I was there.

OK, now I was excited.

Turns out, Seattle really is the most amazing place if you’re interested in vintage shops.

Vintage shopping in Seattle

Fremont Vintage Mall, Seattle

Fremont Vintage Mall, Seattle

Red Light Vintage and Costume

Set over two (huge) floors, Red Light is one of those places you could literally be trying on clothes in for hours.  From 1950s dresses to 80s denim right through to PVC outfits and errrrr spikey bras (ouch?) – this place is a treasure trove of vintage wear.

Red Light Vintage and Costume, 312 Broadway E, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, 98102

Pretty Parlor

Pretty Parlor Vintage, Seattle

Pretty Parlor Vintage, Seattle

Pretty Parlor is small but perfectly formed; think pretty pastel shades, one-of-a-kind jewellery, clothes from local designers, a huge vintage accessories collection, and…..a cat on a velvet couch.  Yeah, you can’t actually buy that last one…..

Pretty Parlor, 119Summit Avenue E, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, 98012

Fremont Vintage Mall

Fremont Vintage Mall, Seattle

Fremont Vintage Mall, Seattle

From the outside, Fremont Vintage Mall looks kind of small.  I mean, it’s just a door in the wall of an unassuming building in the suburb of Fremont.  Then, you descend the stairs and BAM; two floors of vintage bags, records, magazines, clothes and furniture.  The last of which had me seriously considering getting stuff sent back to my new flat in London.

Fremont Vintage Mall, 3419 Fremont Place North, Fremont, Seattle, WA, 98103

Fremont Vintage Mall, Seattle

Fremont Vintage Mall, Seattle

Vintage shopping in Seattle

Vintage Shopping in Seattle. Blue top from Red Light Vintage, red purse from Pretty Parlor, red bag from Fremont Vintage Mall

Atlas Clothing

When I was at university in Leeds, I used to love heading down to The Corn Exchange where there was an awesome little shop downstairs full of vintage t-shirts and sweaters and 90s bomber jackets and cute little grungy dresses.  Atlas Clothing in Seattle was just like that.  With clothing for men and women and a great selection of coats and dresses, Atlas is right next door to Fremont Vintage Mall so you’ve really got no excuse to not pop in.

Atlas Clothing, 3419 Fremont Place North, Fremont, Seattle, WA, 98103


Where’s your favourite place in the world for vintage shopping?


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  1. says

    This post makes me want to visit Seattle! What does it matter if it’s one of the rainiest places in the US, so long as it has great vintage shops?! Did you buy anything?

    My favourite vintage shop is in Melbourne. It’s called RetroStar, and it’s hidden away down a side street, then up a set of stairs in a building that looks as though it probably only houses offices or unfrequented second apartments (though it also houses my favourite bookshop in Australia: Collected Works). But once you get up there, it’s two massive rooms stuffed full of every kind of vintage clothing imaginable, from studded leather jackets, to velvet ballgowns, to the sort of woolly jumper your grandma might have knitted. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do furniture, but the clothing more than makes up for it!

    If you ever go to Melbourne, check it out – it sounds right up your street! :-)
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    • says

      Hi Katie,

      I actually used to live in Melbourne (there’s lots on this blog about my time spent there!) but unfortunately I never got to check out that vintage shop you described which sounds amazing. And yep, I bought stuff from Seattle. If you look at the last picture, that’s what I bought plus a vintage Ralph Lauren skirt which I couldn’t photograph at the time because it was being washed :)