VIDEO: Working Holiday Visa Australia, Your Questions Answered

 Working Holiday Visa Australia Q&A

So you want to go to Australia on a working holiday visa but don’t know where to start.

In this video I go through the basics of Australian working holiday visas and answer some of the questions I’ve received through Facebook and via email over the past three years including;

  • What is a working holiday visa?
  • How to integrate yourself into Australia
  • How to find work in Australia
  • How to find somewhere to live in Australia
  • What to pack for Australia
  • How to deal with homesickness
  • What to do if you hate Australia
  • Which bank account I used in Australia
  • How to apply for a TFN even if you don’t have an address yet
  • How to travel around Australia

To watch this video on YouTube instead click here: Working Holiday Visa Australia Q&A

Australia working holiday visa

Australia working holiday visa basics

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 (before your 31st birthday when you apply
  • You must be outside of Australia when you apply
  • An Australian working holiday visa allows you to work and travel in Australia for up to 12 months
  • During your 12 month visa, citizens from some countries can partake in 90 days of regional work and apply for a second working holiday
  • You may be asked to prove that you have sufficient funds of $5,000 AUD  to enter Australia

More information on applying for an Australia working holiday visa

More information on the basics of planning a trip to Australia (and what you need to do when you get there).

Working in Australia on a working holiday visa – what you’ll need;

  • A bank account which you can open by visiting your nearest branch when you arrive and taking identification and a copy of your visa
  • A Tax File Number (TFN) which you can apply for when you arrive

Australian accommodation resources

Finding work in Australia

Australia inspiration

For a peek into some of the places I lived in Australia see Expat Life: City Living in Sydney, Melbourne And Auckland

To see why I loved living in Sydney see 7 Things To Love About Living in Sydney

For some Australia road trip inspiration see my east coast Australia in a campervan itinerary

To see why I loved living in Melbourne see 7 Things To Love About Living in Melbourne

For tips on saving for your trips to Australia see How To Save $5000 AUD For Australia in Just 6 Months

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Happy travels!



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      Awww thanks so much for saying Monica! I can’t wait to start doing more videos now :)

      And of course you can add it to your finding work in Australia post (which I read the other day by the way, great tips!)

      Thanks so much xx

  1. says

    Great video! Well done. As a side note – it’s always funny to hear people talk who you’ve only ever seen online, they always talk differently than you’d expect haha (although I’m not sure what I expected you to sound like?!) I hate my voice when recorded, so don’t know if I’d be able to do one of these, but maybe – I’m sure people are dying to know what I sound like 😉
    Julia recently posted..I’m Moving to Amsterdam!My Profile

    • says

      Aw thanks Julia!

      That’s what I was afraid of, people hearing me talk! But I also think it’s why people kind of like watching videos too :) You should totally make a video, I’d watch it!

    • says

      Thanks Lynda! I was so scared of putting this video out, because I was so paranoid about looking stupid on camera, but I really wanted to do the video and to answer people’s questions so I told myself to get over it :) I LOVE your home country! If I could go back I would :)

  2. Ella says

    Just came across this on The Travel Hack blog. Thank you so for much for sharing this video with us! Some very helpful info here that I’ll remember for the future

    • says

      Awwwww! Naomi you are SO welcome! I’m so glad it helped :) Let me know if you need anything! And you are going to Oz, have an AMAZING time!

  3. Rosie says

    Thank you so much for this video, I’m heading to Melbourne in November on a one way ticket, and I haven’t booked anything yet because I plan to jut wing it like you did. You’ve really reassured me that that’s the right way to do it. Thank you so much! Love your website! xx