East London Street Art In Photos

Street art might not always be a legal way for artists to express themselves and showcase their work in public, but in London local councils have long given up on removing it.  Its existence has cultural benefits and in places like Camden and East London, it is celebrated.  People travel to the area specifically to photograph it.

For me, street art is one of the reasons I love living in East London.  I love that it’s colourful, and sometimes controversial, and when you’re lucky enough to catch an artist in action it’s fascinating to watch!

My Favourite East London Street Art

Since I moved to East London I’ve taken countless photos of the art around Shoreditch, Brick Lane, and Hackney, so I decided it was time I shared my favourites with you.  I never specifically go out to photograph the street art in this area of London.  Most of the time I’ll just be walking back to my flat near Brick Lane or rushing to meet a friend and I’ll spot a piece I hadn’t noticed before.

Some of the street art in this post has now gone, that’s the beauty of East London street art; it’s always changing.  But here are my favourites, let me know what yours are in the comments at the end of the post!

Jimmy C, Whitby Street

Street art Whitby Street London

whitby st painting

 KEF! Ada Street

Kef! East London Street art

Anna Laurini, Braithwaite Street

Anna Laurini street art

Anna Laurini East London

Stik, Princelet Street

Stik, Princelet St, East London

Mr Cenz, Whitby Street

Mr Cenz Street Art East London

Roa, Hanbury Street

Roa, Hanbury Street, Brick Lane, London

Luis Gomez, Pedley Street

Luis Gomez street art

Luis Gomez Pedley Street

Fintan Magee, Hanbury Street

Fintan Magee Street Art

Phlegm, Hanbury Street

Phlegm street art london

 NDA, Hanbury Street

NDA, East London Street Art

MadC, Chance Street

MadC Chance Street

 Jim Vision, Chance Street

Jim Vision treet art east london

Zina, Chance Street

Zina Street Art London

 Camille Walala, Whitby Street

Camille Walala street art east london

Beverley Pack Your Passport Whitby Street

Jimmy C and St8ment, Whitby Street

Jimmy C and St8ment street art east london

Jim Vision, Redchurch Street

Jim Vision Redchurch Street

Snik and DESX ,Hanbury Street

Snik East London

E.L.K, Hanbury Street

E.L.K street art east london

Graffiti Life, Pedley Street

Rik Mayall Graffiti Life

Ben Eine, Ebor Street

Ben Eine Ebor Street

Beverley Pack Your Passport

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      The people who do it are all listed next to the photos I’ve put up, but there are many more street artists (some from London, some not) than what I’ve mentioned in this post. Sometimes when you’re walking around London you’ll actually see people creating street art – it’s amazing to watch!