Life Lately: The June Edition

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Hi loves! Somehow it’s the end of the month again and time for another Life Lately, the post where we all go and make ourselves a brew and have a little catch-up.  This month I’ve got some brilliant links to share with you from around the internet, some new tunes for you to download and dance around your bedroom to (this is a thing, right? It’s not just me?), some book recommendations that’ll see you through the entire summer season, and much, much more!

So let’s get on with it shall we?

Links I Love

#1. I literally could not agree with this more.

#2. Forget every other blog post you’ve ever read about moving to London because THIS is the one you need.  The one that’s a bit tongue in cheek and actually tells you like it is rather than pretending that you’re going to be able to afford to drink cocktails in rooftop bars every night and rent an apartment by yourself in zone 2.  HA, if only.

#3. Probably the most helpful tool you will EVER use if, like me, you’re one of those people who tend to fly carry-on only, Expedia recently launched this hand luggage size guide which basically brings all the important details like size, weight, and capacity together in one place for 23 different airlines.  I’ve already bookmarked it for a flight I’ve got coming up in July!

#4. As someone who, one day, would love to go freelance full time instead of, you know, a bit of the time, Lizzie’s post on how she went from full-time employee to freelance writer in one month gave me a HUGE amount of inspiration.

In Case You Missed It

best cafes to work from London

#1. I put together a HUGE guide to the best cafes to work from in London* with help from some of my favourite bloggers.  If you’re a blogger or freelancer based in London this is definitely one for you.  After all, why curl up on the sofa with your laptop when so many coffee shops in London have fast wifi, great coffee, and enough sweet treats to see you through to the end of whatever you’re working on.

* Yes, I know, this post was *technically* published in May but as it went live after last month’s Life Lately, it’s making an appearance here instead!

#2. Yes, I had a little freak-out about my 30th birthday which is coming up in July but, honestly, I’m feeling so much better now.  Mostly, I think, because I now have some actual birthday plans with some of my favourite people, and am (slowly) creating a plan for how I want my life to look like in, say, 12 month’s time.

#3. I also wrote about some brilliant books to read this summer

#4. And then, seeing as everyone and their aunt had swanned off to Glastonbury, I wrote a guide on how to deal with festival season FOMO (bookmark it, guys, festival season’s totally not over yet).

Recommended Reading

Londoners Craig Taylor

If you’ve ever loved, hated, visited, or lived in London, Londoners by Craig Taylor is a must-read.  It’s a collection of about 80 personal experiences of London as told to the author who spent 5 years gathering stories from real people who represent the ‘real’ London.

Some of the stories made me smile to myself on the tube, recognising the feelings others have about London in myself, some of them are heart-warming, others are really moving.  All of them, though, are authentic and it’s that rawness that drew me in and had me dreading getting to the end of the book.

What I’ve Been Listening To

#1. Because a Spice Girls cover has never sounded so good: MØ, Say You’ll Be There

#2. Because sometimes you need a bit of grunge in your life, by way of west Yorkshire: allusondrugs, Nervous

London Life

Sunday afternoon ciders with @joeygolding and @alannafree

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If you live in London and you’ve got a spare afternoon free between now and 12th July, get yourself down to Kopparberg Urban Forest in Hackney Wick.  I popped over there with some friends a couple of weekends ago and it’s the perfect spot for having a catch-up over a Kopparberg (obvs) and some food truck grub whilst listening to awesome music from a variety of performers. Check the line-up page for details.


For me, June was all about exploring more of London and if there’s anything that’s going to make you fall in love all over again with this city it’s visiting a part you’ve never been to before or rediscovering another side to somewhere you know quite well.

street in camden

A pretty street in Camden

At the start of the month I headed over to Camden (where I seem to have been spending a lot of time lately, hey?) to spend a couple of hours with the lovely Nelly of Camden Street Art Tours (full write-up of that coming soon).

I also had a bit of a ‘staycation’ in Chelsea courtesy of the lovely people over at FG Property.  I’ve got to be honest, though, I found Chelsea quite uninspiring.  I liked it, sure: some of the buildings were really pretty, and it was definitely a lot quieter than what I’m used to in east London but it’s not an area I’d rush back to.  That said, it’s probably a good place for tourists to base themselves what with it being quite close to the big museums and tourist attractions in west London.

Coming up…

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this sneaky photo of a boarding pass I’d printed out and I can now reveal that the first place I’m going to be travelling to in July is…PORTO!   Yep, it’s my 30th on 3rd July so I thought I’d do what I did in Amsterdam last year and take myself away for a week in the sunshine.

This time there’s a difference, though: I’m not going to rush around seeing everything there is to see, doing everything there is to do, only to come home more exhausted than I was before I went.  Nope, on this city break I’m giving myself permission to just CTFO and see this beautiful part of Portugal at my own pace.

You guys, I could NOT be more excited!!

Instagram of the month

It’s got to be this photo I took last weekend when I went to visit my parents. There’s nothing like a walk in the country to clear your head is there?

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What have you guys been up to this month?  Let me know (and send me your links) in the comments below.

Until next time…

Beverley x

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  1. says

    Um…that Spice Girls cover – how amazing! Just sent it to virtually everyone in my office, and we’re all in agreement. So good!

    Also – happy birthday month! Porto sounds bliss (and it was actually on my shortlist of places to go this October) so I’ll be following your updates with real interest 😉 xx
    Emily Ray recently posted..What’s Been Happening in June 2015My Profile

    • says

      I KNOW, right?? It’s just so summery and totally different (ahem…better?) than the original 😉

      Stay tuned for Porto EVERYTHING. I’m so excited, Emily!

  2. says

    I keep seeing Porto pop up on travel blogs lately and it is definitely making me want to visit! I loved the mix of grittiness and prettiness in Lisbon so Porto will have to be on my next Portugal itinerary. I just arrived in Alaska and will be spending the next 6 weeks here. It is a dream come true to be here and although I have only been in Anchorage so far which would be massively different than the rest of the State, I love Alaska so far!
    Katie recently posted..Escaping the crowds in WaikikiMy Profile

  3. says

    I completely agree about the travel blogger thing. I see bloggers who get a gazzilion Instagram likes for some photo of a building in, say, Spain, and wonder how on earth they are seen as different or ahead of the pack.
    Yay on Amsterdam for your birthday!
    Charlotte Steggz recently posted..A Trip to BrightonMy Profile