Melbourne: The Coolest Place in Australia For A City Break


Sydney was the first city I called home when I moved to Australia on a working holiday visa in 2010 and I immediately fell for it. Hard.

Coming from a small town in England, the skyscrapers, the harbour, the gardens, the amount of different food on offer, the fact that there were beaches you could get to just by hopping on the bus; all of these things made Sydney, I thought, the perfect place in Australia to live.

I had a good job there, in events, and I made an awesome little group of friends who I hung out with at the beach at the weekends and went to the pub with after work and in felt amazing to have built a life somewhere else. Apart from going to university. It was the first time I’d done that; packed up everything at home and started again in another country.

I did my rural work to get a second year in Australia, but I didn’t want to spend my entire time there living in Sydney. I loved Sydney, but I knew it would be silly to go all that way and not experience living in another city too.

So I moved to Melbourne.

And if there’s a quintessential, cliche way of life in Melbourne, I was totally living it. I worked as a barista in a cafe in the city, I rented a studio apartment in St Kilda. I bought my fruit and vegetables from South Melbourne market, went for brunch in Fitzroy, went drinking at the coolest bar in the city (well, in my opinion) Section 8, drank coffee in laneways, made the best of friends with the girls I worked with.

Melbourne felt like home in a way that Sydney hadn’t. Sydney had the gorgeous weather and the beaches, it made me feel relaxed whenever I was there. But Melbourne? Melbourne fitted me like a glove.

But I also missed Sydney, I missed that weather and the gorgeous beaches. I missed the harbour and the pubs in The Rocks and the cafes in Surry Hills.

So, after a brief stint in Brisbane, I moved back. And after that I got a campervan and drove up the east coast and after that I moved to Auckland and since then, whenever someone’s asked me which city I loved the most, Sydney or Melbourne, I’ve struggled to answer.

But, in my latest post for Skyscanner New Zealand, I’m fighting in Melbourne’s corner because if you’re going to take a city break it’s definitely the coolest place in Australia to go. Not only is it home to a thriving live music scene, it’s full of vibrant street art, cool bars, AND it’s the unofficial coffee capital of Australia.

Check out the post and see me and the lovely Jayne from Girl Tweets World take on the Sydney versus Melbourne debate.

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