Decorating My Flat With Desenio Prints

astrology print desenio

When I first moved into my own place in Leeds, just over a year ago, after three years sharing a flat in east London, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to build myself a proper home.

I rented it unfurnished, filled it with furniture I’d had to put in storage when I moved to Australia, and started to fill the small but bright space with things that had spent the past six years in boxes in my parents’ garage: books, CDs, a stereo, and a Henri-Silberman print I’d bought as a teenager.

That’s the first piece that went up: the Henri-Silberman. Pride of place above my little desk, so I could stare up at Times Square whenever I wanted.

I still haven’t been to New York, but it doesn’t stop me dreaming.

Next: a print with a sillohuette of Sydney Opera House and a postcard from my trip to Seattle went up above my bookcase.

But, still, the white walls looked bare.

And I was OK with that. I had the Scandinavian-style sparseness going on without it ever feeling sterile: open shelves, black and white striped rug, bare floorboards, a simple colour palette of black, white, and grey.

But when Desenio got in touch and asked me if I was interested in some of their prints, I’m not gonna lie, I jumped at the chance to bring even more of a Scandi-vibe to my little flat.

**Pssst: at the end of this post there’s a lovely little discount code for you guys to use on Desenio. Be quick, though, it’s only valid until 13/07/17**

Desenio Lune print

amsterdam map print

Lune print and amsterdam print desenio

For the lounge area, I picked out a map print of one of my favourite cities in the world, Amsterdam, along with a moon print that I fell in love with almost immediately.

I thought I’d have go elsewhere for the frames, but nope! I chose some black frames that would look awesome against the white walls and added them to my basket too.

For my bedroom, I knew I wanted to keep it simple with white frames to match the white furniture, but with plans in my mind to change the beige “renter” curtains to something darker and heavier, and my eye on a set of navy-printed bedsheets, I knew which pop of colour to go for.

I chose an astrology print, a sea-foam print, and an abstract brush stroke piece from the art prints category and knew they’d look brilliant above my bed and hopefully lift the starkness of the room a little.

astrology print desenio

close up of desenio astrology print

3 desenio prints

close up of art print

desenio sea foam print

And do you know what? I love my flat even more now.

Sure, it’s small, and as a freelancer there’s always that worry that your income will drop off a cliff and you’ll have to pack your life up into boxes and move into your parents’ spare room.

But I’m determined to not let that happen. Because, rented or not, it’s my home.


Fancy decorating your home with some Desenio prints? Use the discount code ‘packyourpassport’ from 11th – 13th July 2017 to get 25% off, excluding the ‘handpicked’ category

Beverley x

*This post is part of a collaboration with Desenio. However, all opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. says

    I hate you.

    I’ve now found about 14 prints I want for my room. Nowhere to put them, mind. I just love a good print :’D (Fab choice on yours btw!) x

  2. says

    These are so lovely, I love that you’ve stuck to a colour scheme too! Got my eye on the Amsterdam and starsign ones myself.

    • says

      The Amsterdam one is my absolute favourite! It fits in so well with the rest of the flat :)

      Let me know what you get if you do buy anything, and remember to use the code before 13th July for the discount!

  3. says

    Hello Beverley, I love your ideas for decorating home with an unique idea. It is looking attractive and beautiful. Navy blue color is my favorite color! Thanks and keep sharing.